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Welcome to the official page of CIGNA & ØRUM VON SPRECKELSEN. The musicians in this band are all well known from countless of projects, both internationally and in Denmark, where they are currently based. Here they have gathered in the wish to create at playground for musical development and creativity, and to celebrate their love for jazz!


We have uploaded clips for you to enjoy, so you can have a taste of our latest release GET OUT OF TOWN as well as our first album DEDICATION while you check out the site.

You are also invited to check out our music in the media section of this site or click here.


"The album combines eight tracks from two short studio sessions, both demonstrating great musicianship. A combination of standards and originals creates the grounds for a great Hard-Bop album with solos like a string of pearls by all members!" - Frank Büchmann-Møller

"Cigna and Von Spreckelsen created a beautiful, joyful jazz album from beginning to end. Dedication is pure joy of playing… Dedication opens with Cigna's elegant composition Silvertrust, which is a sublime tribute to Horace Silver. The composition beautifully shows how outstanding Cigna is as a composer, but also how strong he is as a guitar player/improviser."- Ivan Rod, GAFFA MAGAZINE

The musicians, Daniel Franck, Joel Illerhag and Tony Cigna with Cigna/Spreckelsen in the forefront are all quite outstanding. The music is played with great technical proficiency, good sense of improvisation and plenty of rhythmic vitality. In short - it's swingin'! - Martin Lutz, Jazzstjerner

“The mature approach of these musicians, the result of their experiences in various European countries and the USA. Also note the rhythmic precision of Tony Cigna who manages to make the workload of swing and groove at the same time. - Discover the genius of these session musicians who , thanks to their different nationalities , making Dedication multi- faceted and smooth at the same time." - Francis Favano for Jazzitalia


The album is available directly from iTunes or Gateway Music - and of course at your local music store!

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